Black Royalty


About us

In this kingdom, no one is ordinary, it’s only the kings and the queens. Paying tribute to the royal emperors of the black dynasty, This nft series brings you a collection of 5000 unique distinct nfts. The vibrant colors, powerful traits and euphoric nature is what make each nft one of a kind. To celebrate Black history month we wanted to put the best gift out there for you, so what are you waiting for? Get yourself a distinct Black Dynast nft now!

proceeds collected from February 1st to February 28th will be distributed as follows.

20% will be donated to Charities support the african dispora.

20% will be distributed to 5 lucky holders, yes 20% divided between 5 holders. for example if the total proceeds are equal to 500 thousand dollars, 5 worthy holders will receive 20 thousand dollars eachv(The distribution will be in etheruem) The holder wallets will be selected using a randomized number selector. This willbe live streamed on March 1st at 3pm UTC +2,

On June 19th (juneteenth) one lucky NFT holder will recieve 10% of the total proceeds to remaining to date. The wallet will be selected and LIve streamed on June 19th at 3pm UTC +2



February 1st launch

(Live streamed)

20 percent of proceeds to be split between 5 randomly selected nft holders

March 1st Airdrop


20 percent of proceeds donated to charities

March 2nd


Partnerships with media outlets

April 3rd


airdrop of 10% of all proceeds to 1 randomly selected NFT holder

June 19th Airdrop 10% (Live Streamed)

Accepting submissions for investments in black owned businesses

June 19th


royalty token released

October 1st


Nicholaus Roberson

Artist and Founder

Michael Deering

Chief Philanthropist